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River rafting

Ride the rushing mountain rivers as you paddle your way in a rubber dinghy. River rafting guarantees an action-packed, adrenaline-filled adventure.
Wearing a neoprene wetsuit and life jacket set off on the river rafting trip of your life down the region’s raging torrents. After a short induction and safety training session with professional guides it’s off into the water we go!

Paddle your way over the waves and steer the racing dinghy down the river. Many companies in the Interlaken holiday region specialising in outdoor activites offer river rafting tours.


Family Rafting

This activity has been designed for children and families, so the emphasis is on fun and safety in the water. The rapids on the last section of the Lütschine are small, but exciting for kids. One of the highlights is as the river enters the stunning Lake Brienz, where families can jump in and swim around.

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River Rafting
River Rafting River Rafting
Family Rafting Family Rafting