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High above Lake Thun lie the limestone caves of St. Beatus: a marvel of nature millions of years old that never ceases to astonish its visitors.
Legend has it that these limestone caves once served as a refuge for St. Beatus, who it is said drove away the dragon who live there in the 6th century. Even today the Caves of St. Beatus still exude a special power with their gorges, impressive halls and waterfalls. For our little guests there is also a playground with dragon slide. The Swiss Cave Museum features scientific information on the subject of cave exploration.
3800 Sundlauenen
Tel. +41 (0)33 841 16 43
Fax +41 (0)33 841 10 64

Further information

Running times:
  • march - october

Duration of excursion:
  • half day

Starting point:
  • Station Interlaken West
  • Station Thun

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Saint Beatus Caves
Saint Beatus Caves Saint Beatus Caves
Saint Beatus Caves Saint Beatus Caves