Winter Sports & Adventure

Bungy Jumping Winter

Take a (safe) headlong plunge to the depths below and feel the thrilling rush of adventure.
As soon as the lake beneath the Gondola is frozen and good to walk on, we can start again with the winter bungy. Guests can take the leap from the Gondola 134 metres over the frozen lake.

The ambiance on the Stockhorn is unique. After the jump it’s a short walk across the frozen lake to the shore and the Igloo bar where you can enjoy a well-earned mulled wine whilst watching your friends taking the jump of a lifetime. (Mulled wine is not included in the price).
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Further information

open from mid-January to mid-March (depending on weather)

3 – 4 hours

qualified guides, equipment, transport

Summer Bungy
Bungy Jumping Winter Stockhorn
Bungy Jumping Winter Stockhorn Bungy Jumping Winter Stockhorn