Ringgenberg Castle

Ringgenberg Castle was inhabited from 1240 to 1380. The church as it stands today was incorporated into the castle ruins in 1670. The first clockwork was installed in 1718. The church organ was added in 1837 and Felix Mendelssohn is known to have performed there in 1847.
Following renovations to the church interior last century, extensive reconstruction work began in early 2006 on the outside walls and surroundings of the former keep, the tower living quarters and the courtyard.
The Ringgenberg church is open daily until approx. 5 pm. Reformed Church services are held on a regular basis on Sundays. On Saturdays the church is also a very popular venue for weddings.
Kirchgemeinde Ringgenberg
3852 Ringgenberg BE
Tel. +41 (0)33 822 20 53

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Ringgenberg Castle
Ringgenberg Castle Ringgenberg Castle