Lake Promenade Celebration

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  • Brienz BE
  • 26. – 27.07.2019More dates
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This year again: The music company Brienz organise the lake promenade celebration.
The music company brienz arrange the lake promenade celebration on the Cholplatz in Brienz. Entertainement with "Chrigel Zenger & 4 Seasons Cover Band", "Harzer - Fäger" and the "Blaskapelle Worb".

Friday, July 28th 2017

Afternoon (if it's good weather)
Hike'n'Fly Race

8 pm - about 12 am
Chrigel Zenger & 4 Seasons Cover Band

Saturday, July 29th 2017

Morning (if it's good weather)
Hike'n'Fly Race

6.30 pm
Music company Brienz with military marches through the village

6.30 pm
Harzer - Fäger from Iselwald play in the pavilion on the Cholplatz

8 pm
Concert with the Blaskapelle Worb

After the concert: dancing music with the Harzer - Fäger

Sunday morning (if it's good weather)
Hike'n'Fly Race

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Feldstrasse 6
3855 Brienz
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