Hilterfinger wine co-operative

Hilterfinger wine co-operative on Lake Thun

  • Hilterfingen

Taste Hilterfinger's red and white wine

Close to the town of Thun, and beside deep-blue Lake Thun, Hilterfingen wine co-operative’s vines dot the landscape. Look over the vines and glimpse Lake Thun, sample a local Hilterfinger wine and relax.

Grapes have always featured on Hilterfingen’s coat of arms. Since 2000, and thanks to the Hilterfingen cooperative, viticulture has made a comeback. Regent Barrique red wine and white Riesling-Sylvaner are produced from the vineyard, which sits on a sunny slope overlooking the lake. Taste the local wine during a guided tasting session and let yourself be enchanted by the view of Lake Thun and the Stockhorn range. Wine tasting with a stunning panoramic view, life doesn’t get much better than this.

Your highlights at a glance

  • Taste local Hilterfingen wine
  • Enjoy a glass of Regent or Riesling-Sylvaner
  • Walk through this wonderful vineyard with a view of Lake Thun
  • Join an event at Hilterfingen wine co-operative
  • Enjoy a barbecue at the “Gibelegg” with a view of the vines

To ensure that your trip is perfect in every way, please note

  • Ask about buying wine from the Hilterfingen wine co-operative
  • Book a tasting and tour through the vineyard
  • Ask about Hilterfingen wine co-operative events
  • Become a cooperative member to rent the Räbspycher for an event
Personal tip
“It was a wonderfully authentic experience to enjoy the beautiful view over the vineyard, lake and surrounding mountain panorama with a glass of Hilterfingen's Riesling-Sylvaner.”

Rebbaugenossenschaft Hilterfingen

3652 Hilterfingen



Website: www.hilterfinger

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