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We are an innovative wood carving training and production workshop.

The Wood Carving College in Brienz is the only institution in Switzerland where wood carving is taught. Originally founded in 1884, it has been a college and training workshop of the canton of Berne since 1928.
Today, the College offers 24 training places for student wood carvers. It is the backbone of wood carving in Switzerland and is responsible for basic training, further training and advanced training.
College for Design-Related Woodworking Occupations
This vocational college is the only training institution in Switzerland for craft professions in the fields of wood carving, woodworking (wood turning and white coopering), basket weaving and wickerwork design and coopering.

The students can gain the following Swiss certificates of competence (EFZ):
  • National Certificate in Wood Carving
  • National Certificate in Wood Turning
  • National Certificate in White Coopering
  • National Certificate in Basket Weaving and Wickerwork
  • National Certificate in Coopering

Trainee violin makers also attend vocational and general courses here.
Schule für Holzbildhauerei
Schleegasse 1
3855 Brienz BE
Tel. +41 (0)33 952 17 51
Fax +41 (0)33 952 17 50
Woodcarving School Brienz
Woodcarving School Brienz Woodcarving School Brienz
Woodcarving School Brienz Woodcarving School Brienz