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Order a home delivery of holidays and browse through the brochures and flyers of the Interlaken holiday region at your leisure.
Immerse yourself in the Interlaken holiday region and start to draw up your holiday plans. Interlaken Tourismus has a wide range of brochures and flyers about the region. Order now and get your holidays delivered straight to your home.

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"Interlaken - Pure Switzerland"

Image brochure
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General Information & Hotels, Hostels, BnBs
Deutsch / English (online)
 Hotel, Hostels & B&B (31,24 MB)

General Information & Apartments, Camping, Groups
Deutsch / English (online)
 Apartments, Camping, Groups (42,53 MB)

Further brochures

Beatenberg Summer Information
Deutsch / English

Beatenberg Winter-Information
Deutsch / English

Image brochure Beatenberg
 Deutsch / English (532 KB)

Spiez Guide
 Spiez Guide 2019 (10,15 MB)

Thunersee Guide
Deutsch / Englisch

Download the app „Thunersee Guide“.

Interlaken Hostels & Adventure
Deutsch (online durchblättern)
English (read online)
 Deutsch (4,27 MB)
 English (4,25 MB)

Interlaken Tourismus
Marktgasse 1
3800 Interlaken
Tel. +41 (0)33 826 53 00
Fax +41 (0)33 826 53 75

Further information

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Various flyers

Thun Boutique Shops

Famous Guests

Adventure Unlimited

Offers & activities for groups

Activity Map Summer
 Deutsch / English (18,72 MB)

Activity Map Winter
 Deutsch / English (5,55 MB)

Family Fun
 Deutsch / English (4,55 MB)

Festivals & Events
 Deutsch / English (1,33 MB)

Guest Card Interlaken
Information:  Deutsch / English (1,92 MB)
Reductions:  Deutsch / English (3,48 MB)

PanoramaCard Thunersee
 PanoramaCard Thunersee 2019 (5,65 MB)
 Weitere Vorteile der PanoramaCard Thunersee 2019 (654 KB)

Pocket Guide
 English (6,32 MB)
 Deutsch (6,32 MB)

Rainy days suggestions
 Deutsch / English (1,81 MB)

Insider tips summer
 Deutsch / English (4,25 MB)

Insider tips winter
 Deutsch / English (1,37 MB)

Top Excursions
 Deutsch (3,31 MB)
 English (1,63 MB)
 Français (1,49 MB)
 Italian (3,34 MB)
 Spanish (1,13 MB)
 Portuguese (2,91 MB)
 Japanese (1,20 MB)
 Chinese (1,83 MB)
 Korean (1,27 MB)
 Russian (589 KB)
 Hebrew (3,62 MB)
 Arabian (1,91 MB)