Grand Tour of Switzerland


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Discover the scenic road by Lake Thun

The Grand Tour of Switzerland is a 1600 km tourist route through Switzerland. Along the road, you will discover a variety of sights and attractive day trip destinations. The tour will also take you to the Holiday Region Interlaken. Visit the highlights of Lake Thun and explore secret nooks and real hidden gems amid breathtaking scenery.

Go on a journey of discovery along some of Switzerland’s most beautiful roads and through impressive natural scenery. The Grand Tour of Switzerland is a 1600 km tourist route through Switzerland that takes you to a variety of sights and attractive day trip destinations, all just a short distance from the road. Pay a visit to the Holiday Region Interlaken along the way. One wonderful section of road passes along the banks of deep-blue Lake Thun. Stop off in Interlaken or Thun for some well-deserved rest. It’s well worth staying a day or two if you can. Interlaken offers a diverse range of accommodation, from hotels, hostels and youth hostels to holiday apartments and campsites. Around Lakes Thun and Brienz, you will find a variety of tourist highlights, as well as real hidden gems, nestled amid breathtaking scenery. On the Grand Tour of Switzerland, there are lots of beautiful places to photograph too. Discover the spots photo in the Holiday Region Interlaken and shoot a souvenir photo surrounded fantastic landscape.

An environmentally friendly tip – the E-Grand Tour

Discover the Grand Tour of Switzerland in an electric vehicle. With a dense network of 300 charging stations along the entire route, you can enjoy a clean, stress-free drive.

Your highlights at a glance

  • 1600 km route with picturesque sections along the banks of Lake Thun
  • Discover the diverse natural landscape of the Holiday Region Interlaken
  • Various sights and attractive day trip destinations along the route
  • A variety of beauty spots for the perfect souvenir photo
  • Interactive map and virtual Grand Tour of Switzerland so you can plan the perfect trip

To ensure that your trip is perfect in every way, please note

  • Download the Grand Tour of Switzerland App (iOS App / Android App) and check the facts and figures to find out more
  • Route is available in both directions and is generally aimed at cars and motorcycles
  • If you drive for five hours a day, the main route will take around seven days
  • Actual travel time depends on the number of stops and how long you spend at attractions



  • Suitable for any weather


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