Winter in the Holiday Region Interlaken – ideally situated between mountains and lakes

What sort of winter holiday would you like? Action-packed, active or more relaxed? The Holiday Region Interlaken offers something for everyone, whether or not your plans involve snow. Rapid descents on the ski slopes or the toboggan runs, winter hikes through enchanting scenery, ski tours, romantic mountain adventures by moonlight, cross-country skiing and snowshoe adventures or ice skating.

  • Stunning panoramas and vistas, whatever the winter activity

  • Large selection of winter experiences in one compact location

  • Wonderful winter scenery, no matter what the weather or snow conditions

  • Wow! Mountains, rivers, lakes and the many winter attractions the town has to offer.

  • Winter kayak tour on the placid waters of Lake Brienz

Enchanting winter holidays in the Bernese Oberland

The special magic of the winter Holiday Region Interlaken will warm any heart, despite the low winter temperatures. The snow gently dusts the mountains in a soft, white wintry blanket. The alpine landscapes, the dense forests and the more elevated idyllic villages are transformed into an exhilarating winter landscape. Nature is ready for you and your favourite activities: winter hikes, snowshoe tours, cross-country skiing, winter kayaking or days spent sledging or skiing. Let us show you the myriad possibilities the region has to offer.

Unforgettable photo opportunities

The atmospheric, peaceful waters of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz are located in the middle of the Bernese Oberland, in the very heart of Switzerland. On clear, sunny days, the snow-covered mountain peaks are reflected in their waters and provide the perfect backdrop for atmospheric winter photos in the heart of Switzerland. Cloudy days offer you the opportunity to capture even more atmosphere with your camera. Fine bands of clouds nestle against the mountain slopes surrounding the lakes, while thin wafts of mist become suspended in the frozen forests and, together with the blue waters and snow-covered peaks, create a magnificent background for photographs.

More than just snow

Winter in the Holiday Region Interlaken is incredibly varied. Interlaken is much more than a classic ski destination. The immediate vicinity offers a wide range of different winter activities. Would your holiday companion prefer to go skiing while you go snowshoeing? All the excursion destinations can be reached quickly and easily and are close together, so you can still arrange to meet up for lunch at the Berghaus. Come and experience the atmospheric winter scenery, which offers much more than “just” snow. That makes us an exciting destination for your winter holiday, whether or not your plans involve snow.

Winter wonderland with or without snow – magical moments guaranteed!

Ein Paar wandert in der stimmungsvollen Winternatur und bewundert die verschneite Naturkulisse

All is silent. The snow dampens every sound. The only things you can hear are the snow crunching under your feet and your breath condensing in the frosty air. Wearing winter shoes or perhaps snowshoes, you trudge along well-prepared winter hiking trails or through virgin snow along signposted snowshoe routes. In some places, the magical landscape is intersected by cross-country ski trails that blend discreetly into the terrain. Decide for yourself whether you want to ski through the magical winter wonderland on cross-country skis or hike across it on foot. The snow sports area Axalp, Lombachalp, Niederhorn, Stockhorn and Aeschi with its fairytale Suldtal will transform your winter activities into an unforgettable experience.

Enjoying the winter without snow

Many winter hiking trails and walking paths are also accessible without snow and are a real pleasure to explore. The more shaded valleys have lower temperatures throughout the winter and are transformed into a stunning world of ice and water. Glittering snow crystals hang in the icy fir branches, while intricate ice formations form between the stones of the frozen streams. The paths offer quiet benches that invite you to partake in a winter picnic.

Winter adventures on the water

Schloss Oberhofen sanft verschneit im Wintermood am spiegelglatten Thunersee

If you prefer, you can also get your dose of winter nature on the water. Experience a winter boat trip on the deep blue waters of Lake Thun, passing picturesque fishing villages and fairytale castles. Admire the snow-capped mountain peaks as you float through the atmospheric winter landscape. A trip on Lake Brienz on a winter kayak tour is an unexpectedly memorable experience. Wrapped up warmly in a dry suit, you gently paddle across the water in your kayak. It is an activity that warms the body, heart and soul.

Above the clouds – for sun lovers and adventurers

The geographical location of the Interlaken means that it generally enjoys clear, sunny winter days. On the few fog-shrouded days, the best thing to do is head for the higher mountains. The winter excursion destinations are at the optimal altitude for you to enjoy the fascinating view over the misty landscape. This is what freedom feels like. Get your fill of sunshine and savour some culinary delights in one of the mountain lodges. It goes without saying that you can also enjoy traditional winter sports in the region. The perfect winter break with plenty of warm sunshine awaits you. The Holiday Region Interlaken’s ski resorts are true gems. Whether you’re holidaying with family or friends, you are in the right place, regardless of whether you choose the Axalp above Brienz, Beatenberg (Niederhorn) or Diemtigtal. The ski resorts have numerous, well-prepared pistes of every level of difficulty. There are even spectacular ski tours for more ambitious winter sports enthusiasts. No matter how or where you spend your days enjoying the winter sports, you are always surrounded by a stunning alpine panorama. Would you like to feel like a king and enjoy a bird’s eye view of Interlaken and its surroundings? If so, pluck up the courage to take a paragliding flight and enjoy the enchanting winter wonderland beneath you.

Treat yourself to a wellness day or an evening at the Hotpot Brienz

Paar im Hallenbad des Hotels Eden in Spiez

Do you consider yourself to be more of a "bon vivant" leaning back in front of a crackling fire? Then why not relax in one of the beautiful wellness oases? Treat yourself and your muscles to a soothing programme of pampering. Restore harmony to your body, mind and soul in a stylish sauna complex and spend the day relaxing and taking stock while wrapped in a warm, fluffy bathrobe. Prefer company? If so, Brienz offers you the opportunity to bathe in a winter landscape. Wood-fired Hotpots (hot tubs) are waiting for you right on the Lake Brienz quayside. Enjoy a fondue with friends in the Hotpot while deciding on your plans for the rest of your holiday.

Fairytale winter’s night

Would you like to experience the silence of winter nature at night? In addition to sledging by day, you can also go sledging by starlight on the Niederhorn from mid-December to mid-March. Marvel at the stunning sea of lights created by the illuminated villages in the valley that adorn the shores of the magically peaceful Lake Thun. The moonlight illuminates the mountains and shows you the way on your sleigh ride. Up in the mountains, you are very close to the sky and the stars. Experience the magic of a winter’s night. The Holiday Region Interlaken offers you a range of romantic mountain experiences.

Winter kayak tour – an experience that’s guaranteed to entrance you

“The first rays of sunshine glistened on the water’s surface as we paddled out in our kayak onto the placid waters of Lake Brienz on a beautiful winter’s morning. An overwhelming feeling of peace and harmony came over me. Around us the wintry mountain scenery, below us the depth of the lake. The only thing we could hear were our soft paddle strokes. That evening, we went on a night walk in Saxeten to the Alp Nessleren and then enjoyed a wonderful toboggan ride down into the valley.”

Let all your winter dreams come true

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