Dive in and discover water

Water in the Holiday Region Interlaken

Lakes Brienz and Thun offer panoramic views of the surrounding Bernese Alps. Whether you’re kayaking, canoeing, surfski paddling, jetboating or boating, stand-up paddling, sailing, wake surfing, river rafting, canyoning or taking a leisurely cruise on the lake, the waters in the Holiday Region Interlaken offer endless opportunities for fun.

  • Turquoise waters

  • Imposing waterfalls

  • Placid mountain lakes

  • Winter kayaking on Lake Brienz

  • Five castles on Lake Thun

  • Water so pure you can drink it

Holiday Region Interlaken – a veritable water paradise

The Holiday Region Interlaken’s lakes, rivers and streams make it Switzerland’s water resort. Relax in warm water on a cold day or dive into a lake on a hot day and feel truly refreshed.

Exciting water activities

The deep blue waters of the lake are so clean that you can see right down to the rocks at the bottom. Standing on its shore, you can breathe in the pure mountain air and enjoy the alpine panorama on the other side of the lake. Watching the white sail boats on Lake Thun will almost certainly make you want to take a trip on the water. Take your pick from a multitude of options that range from surfski paddling or stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) under your own steam to a leisurely trip on a steamboat. Enjoy the cooling breeze on a warm summer’s day.

Blue and turquoise lakes

Switzerland’s waters come in many varieties and appear in many hues of blue and green depending on the time of day and the season. Interlaken possesses two lakes, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. Do you know why Lake Brienz is turquoise? It’s due to the tiny glacier particles, which sink only slowly to the bottom. The purity of the lake’s waters allow these particles to come into their own. The colours are particularly beautiful in spring, when the glaciers begin to melt. The waters of each lake in the Bernese Oberland have their own unique colours. Why not discover them for yourself?

Placid alpine lakes

The surfaces of the lakes in the Bernese Oberland are sometimes so smooth that trees, meadows and mountains are symmetrically reflected in the lakes’ waters. This natural spectacle is particularly beautiful in autumn at the Lake Burgseeli near Ringgenberg or at the Lake Hinterburgseeli on the Axalp, where the colourful autumn leaves are reflected in the placid waters of these small lakes. When hiking in the Alps, you will pass many water troughs. Unless otherwise indicated, the water is suitable for drinking, so why not quench your thirst with this fresh, pure mountain water?

Gushing waterfalls

Around Lakes Brienz and Thun, several powerful waterfalls thunder down over the rocks to the valleys below. One of these is the Giessbach Falls, where the awe-inspiring surging waters plunge over 14 steps into Lake Brienz. The waterfalls are particularly fascinating in spring, when the melt water causes them to swell to epic proportions. It is easy to discover these glistening, churning waterfalls Swiss francs a hike. Feel the fine mist of the spray on your skin and allow yourself to be enchanted by the power of the surging waters.

Dive in and discover the lakes and waterfalls around Interlaken

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