High-flying moments of joy

Take flight in the Holiday Region Interlaken

Looking for unforgettable experiences in the thin air? Want to change your perspective and enjoy the landscape from above? Interlaken makes the perfect base for high-flying outdoor experiences. Glide free as a bird over the Holiday Region Interlaken or drink in spectacular views on a sightseeing trip by helicopter. Daredevils can even leap into the void from a helicopter, a gondola or into the glacial gorge. High-flying adventures big and small are available at any time of year.

  • Interlaken is Europe’s number one adventure sport destination

  • Numerous adventures for high flyers are easily accessible in the near vicinity

  • Wide selection, from freefall to leisurely sightseeing flights

  • Professional guides ensure your safety

  • Good value accommodation: Interlaken is Switzerland’s leading backpacker destination

Paragliding, hang gliding and skydiving – are you ready for high-flying adventures?

Deep blue skies, shimmering lakes, green meadows and impressive mountain ridges culminating in snowy peaks – explore the breathtaking scenery of the Holiday Region Interlaken from a dizzy height. Adrenaline-charged adventures high in the air will excite any outdoor enthusiast, while panoramic sightseeing flights are sure to delight nature lovers. Conquer the skies on a paraglider, float over lakes and mountains on a delta wing glider or take a daring leap into the void.

Experience the Holiday Region Interlaken from above

Let the wind bear you gently through the air on a paraglider. Your tandem pilot ensures your safety while pointing out the wonders of nature from a bird’s-eye perspective. Although paragliding can be enjoyed year-round, it is an extra special experience in winter.

Skydiving – jump from an aircraft or helicopter

In the company of a guide, jump headlong from a helicopter or aircraft and plummet towards earth at a velocity of 200 km/h. What a rush! Enjoy the sense of freedom as you fall through the air for around 40 seconds before your parachute opens and you float to a soft landing.

Glide like an eagle through a natural paradise

Ever dreamt of flying through the air, free as a bird? Hang gliding is an uplifting experience that promises just such a sensation. Hang-glide with a guide to savour stunning views of the Bernese Alps and Lake Thun.

A leap of faith in the Bernese Oberland

Could you plunge into the depths on the end of a rope? Genuine highs include a bungee jump from the Stockhorn cable car over Lake Hinterstocken or a canyon swing into the majestic glacial gorge in Grindelwald. Preparing for the leap of your life at a dizzying height, you can smell the tang of adventure on the fresh mountain air.

Sightseeing flights over the Bernese Alps

Above the clouds, the sense of freedom is infinite – and you can savour that feeling on a mountain flight by helicopter or small aircraft. Don’t worry, there’s no need to jump out! Just take off and fly over the Holiday Region Interlaken. A unique experience at any time of year.

Climb from tree to tree at the Ropes Park Interlaken

If you have a head for heights and fancy a sporting challenge in natural surroundings, the various courses of the Adventure Park Interlaken are just what you’re looking for. There are 120 obstacles amid the treetops. The Ropes Park even opens in winter on request (subject to a certain number of participants).

Did you know?

  • In Interlaken, more than 18 adventure companies offer 50-plus options

  • Main motivation for adventure travel is to recharge your energies and test your limits


  • Interlaken is Switzerland’s number one hostel city

  • Everything is nearby: adventures on the water, in the air and on solid ground

  • The vision of establishing Interlaken as a hub for adventure seekers and backpackers was first put forward in 1985. Today Interlaken can rightly claim to be the "Adventure Capital of Europe"

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