Time for downtime

Places to energise and relax in and around Interlaken

Discover magical energy sources that promise peace and relaxation and experience energising excursions. The unique natural landscapes of the Holiday Region Interlaken offer you numerous breathtaking places and oases of relaxation where you can recharge your batteries and top up your energy levels. Give yourself a break and maximise the benefits of peace and relaxation.


  • Beneficial energy sources in beautiful surroundings

  • Many ways to experience nature, wellness and relaxation

  • Oases of calm less than an hour from Interlaken

  • Energy-packed water sources

  • Energising places with panoramic views

Oases of wellbeing, energising water and places to relax

Have you ever experienced the phenomenon whereby you arrive somewhere and suddenly feel especially fine or secure – without really knowing why? For some inexplicable reason, the particular place you are in exudes positivity. Whether you find yourself in a thick forest filled with the scent of pine resin, a history-steeped church, a wondrous water source, a tranquil alpine landscape or a shadowy cave – you can just feel it. In many instances, the feeling manifests as a strong affinity with nature or simply a sense of inspiration. The Holiday Region Interlaken has many places with that very special aura where you can energise and relax. Discover magical places with a vitalising energy of their own where you can enjoy a health-promoting wellness break in the heart of Switzerland.

Spiez: energy source by the water

Blick im Sommer auf die Spiezer Bucht mit Schloss Spiez und Thunersee

The holiday village of Spiez has the loveliest bay in Europe – and offers a whole series of energy sources. Situated on deep blue Lake Thun, the charming village radiates positive vibes and opportunities for relaxation. Amid a landscape of nature and harmony, the village blends into the slopes of the majestic Niesen.

Niesen: between heaven and earth

At 2,363 metres, the pyramid-like mountain exudes power and is known as the «guardian of Lake Thun». Its energy is most apparent at the peak, where you are close to the sky yet attracted by the earthly power of the mountain. The uninterrupted views of Lake Thun, Bernese Alps, Jura and the Spiez vineyard is nothing short of breathtaking.

Power up amid vineyards

Wunderbare Herbststimmung im Rebberg in Spiez mit imposantem Ausblick auf den Thunersee und das Schloss Spiez

A walk along the Spiez Vineyard Sensory Adventure Trail enchants the visitor with heavily grape-laden vines and centuries-old yews as the bracing air of Lake Thun fills the lungs. Another energy source – the Katzenstein – is found below Spiez vineyard. Seen from the lake, the mighty boulder resembles a cat. For centuries, the rock was a cult object and ancestral stone to local people – and those who believe in the power of ancestral stones will sense a powerful flow of energy coming from the rock.

Mystical sites and mounds

To the southeast, the bay of Spiez borders the mound of Bürg, which comprises two small peaks. Immerse yourself in this self-contained world where you sense the power of bioenergy. Spiez also has cultural and historic treasures for you to discover. The church of Einigen is a former pilgrimage church that once attracted numerous wanderers and pilgrims. Dating from the 10th to 11th centuries, it is said to be the mother church of the 12 churches of Lake Thun. Visitors to the church feel a sense of mysticism and energy.

Energising waters of the Bernese Oberland

Magisch durchfliesst der Giessbach weiss schäumend die grüne Naturidylle

Water plays an important role in the Holiday Region Interlaken. After all, water is life and thus a source of attraction, whether in the form of rivers, mountain streams, lakes or waterfalls. Every little glistening drop of water possesses an extraordinary power. Discover calming mountain lakes, beneficial spring waters and mesmeric waterfalls.

Feel secure by Lake Hinterburgseeli

From the Axalp, the woodcarving trail winds through a tranquil natural landscape to the wonderfully green Lake Hinterburgseeli. Along the way you can admire hand-carved wooden sculptures and stunning views across the turquoise Lake Brienz. The trail ends in a beautiful clearing. Clinging to the imposing rock face of the Oltschiburg, the unspoilt mountain lake has a naturally soothing effect, making it a popular day-trip destination in peak periods. Walk the peaceful eastern bank to enjoy the deep silence of the waters in peace.

Magical Giessbach Falls by Lake Brienz

Der tosende Giessbach aus der Vogelperspektive und weiter unten das märchenhafte Grandhotel Giessbach

Tumbling over 14 steps, the Giessbach Falls thunder from a height of 400 metres in mighty white cascades. The imposing mass of water surges past the fairytale Hotel Giessbach before flowing into the turquoise waters of Lake Brienz. Well-kept paths meander along the bed of the brook, allowing you to marvel at this rushing spectacle of nature on foot, from a variety of angles. Find your balance in an energising landscape.

Find your balance in an energising landscape. Grimmiwasser energy source

Discover the untamed environment of the Grimmialp at high altitude. The panoramic mountain trail of Grimmiwasser leads you to compact mountain lakes lined by rare alpine flowers before arriving at a source of iron-rich water. This health-giving energy source also has a history: towards the end of the 19th century, the spring water was channelled to the old Grand Hotel Grimmialp. Thanks to its supposed healing properties, the water was thought to remedy all manner of afflictions and ailments – and to this day, the iron-rich red waters are a natural energy-giver. On a hiking trip, schedule a break at the source to top up your vital energies.

The mythical St. Beatus caves at Lake Thun

Beleuchteter Wasserfall in den St. Beatus-Höhlen bei Beatenberg

The St. Beatus caves at Lake Thun invite you to experience the full power of water in a very special way. According to legend, this natural wonder, which is millions of years old, provided Saint Beatus with a safe haven after he expelled a fire-breathing dragon which then plunged into Lake Thun with a terrifying roar. In fact, the Beatus caves are known to have been inhabited until the Middle Ages; the caves were also a well-known pilgrimage site. Explore the unique cave system and immerse yourself in a fairytale environment of stone and water. See stalactite and stalagmite formations, and hear the rushing and dripping of the water.

Discover magical places on foot

Explore the energising landscape of the Bernese Oberland on foot. Hiking in dreamy surroundings of lakes and mountains is a great way to banish stress and experience sheer well-being while encountering wondrous places and gems of nature along the way. Set forth, be inspired by insider tips and find inner balance and tranquillity step by step.

Jakobsweg, the pilgrims’ path

Die Natur rund um Merligen ist reich an Blumen, Wäldern und Wiesen.

Also in the Bernese Oberland, the well-known Jakobsweg trail leads from the Brünig Pass to Amsoldingen – and with a total length of 65 km, there is plenty of time to soak up its power. Feel like following in the true footsteps of the pilgrims and walking the whole distance? Then split up the tour into stages and stay in a welcoming hotel or hostel along the way. The section from Interlaken to Merligen is particularly attractive. The pilgrim’s path takes you from the bustling centre of Interlaken and along the Aare, passing through the nature reserve of Weissenau and on to Neuhaus via wooden walkways and a lakeside path. The route then winds westwards along Lake Thun to Sundlauenen, passing the energy centre of the St. Beatus caves before terminating at Merligen.

See life on the Schwander Lebensweg

This inviting circular path leads you 4 km through the welcoming village of Schwanden, near Brienz. Enjoy spectacular views of Lake Brienz and the surrounding mountains on a hiking trail that features wooden sculptures on the theme of «life». The project, realised in 2004 in partnership with the Brienz School of Woodcarving, established an easily accessible route that people of all ages can enjoy.

Relax in oases of wellness

Frau entspannt sich in Whirlpool am See im Parkhotel Gunten

Looking for complete peace and relaxation in beautifully tranquil settings? The Holiday Region Interlaken offers plenty of welcoming wellness hotels. Bring body and soul into balance in lovingly designed sauna and spa complexes, where a warming brine bath will regenerate your skin, muscles and joints. You can also relax in energising quiet rooms, thinking nice thoughts or just enjoying a good book to stir invigorating thoughts and creative ideas. Breathe in calming, health-promoting herbal steam or immerse yourself in an oasis of relaxation and sense the energy and security engendered by the natural world around you. A full range of wellness choices awaits.