A pure mountain idyll

Discover the traditional mountain village in the Bernese Oberland

Do you want to experience textbook mountain landscapes? Welcome to Habkern: immerse yourself in the world of an idyllic mountain farming village. Let the power of the mountains take effect. Take a rambling hike to the Lombachalp, through the moorland. And discover the enchanting winter landscape.

  • Experience the genuine mountain world

  • The perfect starting point for your hikes

  • Discover the typical wooden houses

  • This is where you can recharge your batteries and come up with new ideas

  • Find out how an alphorn is made

A serpentine road will take you through the forest and over meadows right down to the valley… − higher and higher. Suddenly you discover the idyllic mountain farming village of Habkern. Here, you will forget where you come from. Here, you will experience the positive energy of the mountains close up. The traditional mountain farming village is embedded between Interlaken’s nearest mountain, the Harder, and the impressive Sieben Hengsten, at the foot of the Augstmatthorn. With the Lombachalp close by, Habkern is the ideal starting point for numerous hikes. The enchanting snowy landscape is attractive in winter. Experience atmospheric nature on snowshoes or while cross-country skiing.

Your highlights in Habkern

Traditional customs and granite with special powers

In Habkern, let the power of unspoilt nature and calm take effect. The picturesque village has around 650 inhabitants who cultivate the traditional art of mountain farming. Stay awhile at the village well and enjoy the fresh alpine air or engage in a short conversation with the locals. Visit the Alp Heubühlen and have a taste of alpine life. In the summer, the very best Swiss cheese is made; bulls, cows and calves as well as pigs live in the pastures. Treat yourself to a delicious dairyman’s breakfast here.

The small chalet next to the picturesque church houses the village museum. Find out about the history of the village, as well as the geology and the caves in the Habkerntal valley. A visit to the Bernatone alphorn workshop run by the family Tschiemer will teach you even more about the traditions and customs of the region. Did you know that there is such a thing as Habkern granite? The Habkern-granite rock, somewhat overgrown with bushes and moss, is on the Luegiboden. You can look into the distance from here. The granite rock is said to have special powers.

Mystic moorland and abundant flora and fauna

Wanderer unterwegs durch eine blühende Blumenwiese auf der Lombachalp

The village is the ideal starting point for hikes. The trails lead through the abundant flora and fauna. The Lombachalp is slightly higher than the village. The nature reserve with its special moorland is worth a visit any time of year. The nearby forests of firs and mountain pines and the upland moor, which change colour to become a vibrant red in the autumn, meet here in a mystic looking landscape.


Wanderererin blickt vom Augstmatthorn über den Brienzersee und geniesst den Sonnenaufgang

Who knows, with a little luck, patience and calm, you may hear a stag roar or be able to watch the ibex colony. Do you want to experience more of this unique landscape? Then take the mountain path up to the Augstmatthorn, but stoke up first in the Jägerstübli. You will be amazed – the view from the top is breathtaking.

Winter paradise for families and snow fans

This is something you will dream of for a long time to come: you leave the house and you are already on the piste. The Habkern skiing region is small but beautiful and perfect for families and winter sportsmen who want to enjoy a few hours in the snow. Four pistes of varying difficulties, an authentic/relaxing skiing restaurant and the practice area of the skiing and snowboarding school are all close to the village. The children will be happy in the children's winter paradise right next to the ski lift. In winter too, the Lombachalp with its impressive backdrop is an attraction. The cross-country track takes you past forests and fields of glittering snow. Snowshoe tours become a pure natural experience in the total silence. And everything becomes really mystical when you go on a guided snowshoe tour in the moonlight.

Take time for the power of the mountains

If you like calm and seclusion and want to take part in village life, then spend your holiday directly in Habkern. Here you will find exactly the right accommodation for your stay. Enjoy traditional dishes which will complete your visit to the authentic mountain world of Habkern. Do you want to feel as if you were at home with your family or friends? You are bound to find just the right authentic/relaxing holiday apartment. As you might expect of a mountain village, all the accommodation can be found in chalets.

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