Barrier-free destinations in the Holiday Region Interlaken

Travel barrier-free through the Bernese Oberland

We work with a range of partners so that you can negotiate your stay in the Holiday Region Interlaken with as few barriers as possible. Let us help you plan your obstacle-free trip – and benefit from our collaboration with dedicated organisations, useful apps and our comprehensive brochure entitled "Travel tips for people with reduced mobility ".

  • What are "barrier-free destinations"?

  • Claire & George

  • OK:GO – ginto App

What are "barrier-free destinations"?

When we hear the phrase "barrier-free access", the first thing we think of is removing everyday obstacles on behalf of wheelchair users and persons with limited mobility. Essentially, this means checking whether a building can be accessed via a ramp, whether there is lift access to other levels and whether wheelchair-accessible toilets are available. Freedom from barriers actually starts with the countryside surrounding the Holiday Region Interlaken. For example, is the pathway to an impressive viewpoint suitable for wheelchairs, and is the path easy to walk? Or are there obstacles in the way caused by the state of the ground? Families with pushchairs and older people also depend on our destinations being barrier-free wherever possible.

"Claire & George": Specialists in barrier-free holidays and travel

"Claire & George" is a non-profit foundation, a centre of excellence and a hub connecting you to the hotel sector and suppliers of outpatient care and support services. "Claire & George Foundation" is an innovative, forward-looking service for people who require support. If you and your relatives need support due to age, illness, accident or disability, it is there to help. In this way, the foundation has reopened the possibility of shared holidays.

ginto app from OK:GO

OK:GO is an initiative of the Barrier-Free Switzerland promotional association (FVBS), which developed the "ginto" app. "ginto" aims to help people who depend on the absence of barriers to plan holidays and visit public facilities. Instead of rating institutions in terms of barrier-free access, the app simply aims to provide objective information on accessibility to particular sites.

Tips for travelers with disabilities:

Sledging fun on the Niederhorn


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Merligen Lido


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Schwäbis River Pool


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Seaside resort Lido


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Brienz Lido


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BLS cruises on Lake Brienz