Bird walk - from the Red Kite to the Dipper



6.19 km long
round trip
difficulty: medium
condition: medium
Thematic Trail
  • 02:45 h
  • 220 m
  • 220 m
  • 670 m
  • 890 m
  • 220 m
  • 6.19 km
  • start: Marketplace Oey
  • destination: Marketplace Oey
We are surrounded by birds almost everywhere, but often only notice their cheerful chirping. Did you know that some birds travel 800 km a day in search of food?

The beautiful and varied cultural landscape of the Diemtigtal provides a home for many birds. The bird trail leads you through numerous habitats of native bird species. Observe the nursery of a pair of swifts live with a nest camera or test your knowledge of bird calls. Along the way, you can expect to learn many astonishing things about the bird world (explanations in German only).

The populations of many bird species are in sharp decline. The reason for this is often the lack of habitat, which we humans alter for our own purposes. A long-term goal in the Diemtigtal is therefore to provide rare species with a better basis for life again. With the help of the local population, landowners and the Sempach ornithological station, various projects are underway to promote our birdlife.


Best season

depending on the weather


Follow the Vogelweg from Oey-Diemtigen railway station or Oey market square to Schuhaus Wiedmer and from there via «Grafestei», «Zälg» to «Bächlen». From there the trail leads to  «Gruebi», where the «Ofehüsi» awaits you for refreshments. Walk down to the Grund along the valley hiking trail to the covered Katzenloch fireplace. Follow the Chirel river to the market square or further back to Oey-Diemtigen railway station. The path is marked with white directional signs and a green route field.

Other shorter route variants:
To «Zälg», from here the path to the Katzenloch fireplace can be shortened (2.8 km).


Sturdy shoes

On the way you will find a covered fireplace. Don't forget your cervelat sausage, knife and drinks for the road!


Motorway A6 Bern direction Zweisimmen, 1 km after the Simmenfluhtunnel turn left direction Diemtigtal. Follow the Diemtigtalstrasse into the valley for 4 km to the village of Oey. The market place is 200 metres after the level crossing on the right-hand side.
Free parking is available on the market square (200 metres after the level crossing on the right-hand side). Alternatively, there is paid parking at Oey-Diemtigen railway station.
By train to Oey-Diemtigen station (Spiez–Zweisimmen line).

Additional information

Theme trail flyers with overview map are available from the Diemtigtal Nature Park office (in German only).

Diemtigtal Nature Park
Bahnhofstrasse 20
3753 Oey
Phone +41 33 552 26 00
[email protected]

Open or closed?
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After your hike, visit the > Diemtigtal birdlife exhibition at the Diemtighuus in Diemtigen. The specimens on display show a large part of the region's rich bird life. 


Getting there
Bird walk - from the Red Kite to the Dipper
3753 Diemtigen