Hinterburgseeli trail – Axalp



4.57 km long
round trip
difficulty: medium
condition: easy
  • 02:00 h
  • 250 m
  • 250 m
  • 1,535 m
  • 1,640 m
  • 105 m
  • 4.57 km
  • start: Axalp/Sportbahnen
  • destination: Axalp/Sportbahnen

All snowshoe trails on the Axalp start at the Axalp/Sportbahnen bus stop. Behind the Axalp Stübli restaurant, the snowshoe trail follows the famous summer “woodcarving trail”, which in winter is covered with a deep layer of snow. A little caution is advised along the “Gausband” ridge. Otherwise, the track runs through untouched forests and over glittering snow fields to the mystical Hinterburgseeli. The same easy track will take you back to the start of the trail on the Axalp.


Best season

depending on the weather


We recommend the following equipment: Sturdy, waterproof hiking shoes, light- to medium-weight backpack, cold protection, sun protection, hiking sticks, first aid kit, snacks, tea in a thermos flask, mobile phone.


By car: After exiting the autobahn at Brienz, follow the signs marked Axalp.
Numerous car parks on the Axalp.
How to get there: Take the PostBus from Brienz train station to Axalp/Sportbahnen.

Additional information

Hinterburgseeli nature reserve

  • The region around the Hinterburgsee lake encompasses a nature reserve, where signposted rules must be observed.

  • The land and waters are privately owned by the Hinterburg cooperative.

Safety guidelines

This route is marked as a snowshoe trail, however has not been specially prepared.


Swisstopo Landeskarte 1209 Brienz 1:25’000, bestellen unter: https://www.wanderplaner.ch/sommer/web-shop/


Getting there
Hinterburgseeli trail – Axalp
Brienz (BE)