Idyllic mountain lakes on the Stockhorn



6.17 km long
round trip
difficulty: medium
condition: easy
Hiking Trail
  • 02:15 h
  • 400 m
  • 400 m
  • 1,596 m
  • 1,798 m
  • 202 m
  • 6.17 km
  • start: Chrindi
  • destination: Chrindi
A rewarding circular hike in the prealpine landscape at the foot of the Stockhorn. The route visits two idyllic mountain lakes, which are also very popular with anglers. Natural trails only.

The cable car from Erlenbach to the top of the 2190-metre Stockhorn takes you to a first-class observation point. The view from the striking peak stretches from Jura over Lake Thun and the Swiss Prealps to the High Alps. Even if you only go halfway, stopping at the Chrindi midway station, you’ll be entering another world. Here, above the hustle and bustle of the Simmental and the constant stream of traffic, peace and tranquillity reigns. The sight of Lake Hinterstocken—a gorgeous, glistening expanse of green beneath the midway station—adds to the enjoyment. A circular trail runs around the lake. The rock trail carved into the Mieschfluh takes you to the mountain trail leading to the Vorderstocke. The route then continues down to Lake Oberstocken through lush, verdant alpine meadows, peppered with mighty pines. This lake also features a circular trail. Follow this trail, which conveniently skims the edge of the water, towards the woodland at the northern tip of the lake. You will pass the edge of this woodland on your ascent to the Oberstocke alp. Here you’ll receive a warm welcome, which makes a rest stop hard to resist. For eight generations, the same family has been spending the alpine summer season here, which lasts for around three-and-a-half months. After walking through a wooded limestone valley, carpeted with rare flowers, you will reach Hinterstocke. At Lake Hinterstocken, there are benches and a larger picnic area. Both Lake Hinterstocken and Lake Oberstocken are thronging with rainbow trout, which makes them popular destinations for amateur anglers. From the lake you climb back up to the Chrindi midway station for the Stockhorn railway.


Best season

depending on the weather


Chrindi - Vorderstockenalp - Oberstockensee - Oberstockenalp - Hinderstockensee - Chrindi


We recommend the following equipment: Sturdy hiking shoes, medium-sized backpack with hip belt, sun protection, rainwear, hiking sticks, first aid kit, picnic, water.


Mit dem Auto via Wimmis nach Erlenbach bis Talstation Stockhornbahn.

Hin- und Rückreise: Mit der Bahn via Spiez nach Erlenbach. Zu Fuss zur Talstation Stockhornbahn. Anschliessend bis Mittelstation Chrindi fahren.

Additional information

Berner Wanderwege, T 031 340 01 01, [email protected],


Wandervorschlag aus dem Wanderbuch Kurzwanderungen, Wanderbuchreihe der Berner Wanderwege

Safety guidelines

This hike follows partially or fully signposted mountain trails


Swisstopo Wanderkarte 1:50'000 253T Gantrisch


Getting there
Idyllic mountain lakes on the Stockhorn
3762 Erlenbach im Simmental