St. Beatus Play and Adventure Trail – Beatenberg



3.39 km long
difficulty: easy
condition: very easy
Thematic Trail
  • 01:20 h
  • 103 m
  • 136 m
  • 1,168 m
  • 1,303 m
  • 135 m
  • 3.39 km
  • start: Beatenberg, Waldegg
  • destination: Beatenberg, Spirenwald

Beatenberg has had an adventure trail of a very special kind since the spring of 2004. The St. Beatus Play and Adventure Trail has succeeded in creating new approaches to experiences in natural settings, as well as to a rich cultural landscape. This project builds on unique cultural history, in the process lending new strength to the roots of Beatenberg. New sustainable opportunities to identify with the region are being created in the footsteps of the legendary story of St. Beatus: inspirational, thought-provoking and at one with nature. Allow yourself to become inspired by our adventure trail. Immerse yourself in a unique natural setting and experience the mystical power of the re-told Beatus legend. This is the perfect trail for nature lovers, culture lovers, children, families and groups.

 Please note: The information panels along the themed trail are in German. However, the adventure posts can still be used if you are not proficient in German.


Best season

depending on the weather


The St. Beatus Play and Adventure Trail starts next to the Hotel Regina on the large car park in Waldegg and leads through the unique Rischerental, along a 3.5 kilometre, easily walkable path. Parts of the well-constructed path are also suitable for rugged prams with large wheels. It ends in the centre of Beatenberg, right next to the tourism centre and directly at the indoor pool. You will also find restaurants, shops and bus stops here.


We recommend the following items: light trekking shoes, light rucksack, sun protection, rain jacket, first-aid kit, light picnic, enough liquid, mobile phone.


To Beatenberg Waldegg via Interlaken
Getting there and back: Use the PostBus from Interlaken West to Beatenberg Waldegg.

Additional information

Beatenberg Tourism,, [email protected] or 033 841 18 18

Safety guidelines

The themed trail runs for the most part on signposted paths of the hiking trail category.


Swisstopo Landeskarte 1208 Beatenberg, 1:25'000


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St. Beatus Play and Adventure Trail – Beatenberg