The Grimmiwasser panoramic mountain hike



10.79 km long
round trip
difficulty: medium
condition: medium
Great panorama
Thematic Trail
  • 03:50 h
  • 621 m
  • 621 m
  • 1,222 m
  • 1,843 m
  • 621 m
  • 10.79 km
  • start: «Schwenden i.D., Grimmialp» PostBus stop
  • destination: «Schwenden i.D., Grimmialp» PostBus stop
The place of power impresses with its wild character: a moor landscape, rare alpine flowers and the red ferruginous springs act as natural energy dispensers.

Earlier writings tell us that the healing properties of the springs at the rear of the Diemtigtal were also acknowledged by the seasonal workers of the Diemtigtal and their neighbours in the Simmental. High up on Grimmialp, approximately 2,000 metres above sea level, the crystal-clear spring rises from the stony ground at the foot of a colossal rock face.

The effect of the water
These wells have brought lasting healing of old ailments and new, fresh life to hundreds of people far beyond the borders of the valleys. Often even where all other help had failed. Summer after summer, in desperate cases also in winter, their water was fetched from the high alpine pastures with great difficulty in barrels and bottles. It had become customary to add bright red stones to the drinking water, supposedly to preserve its healing power, but certainly only to prove that the water had been drawn from the right sources.


Best season

depending on the weather


The ascent begins at the Senggiweid car park, 400 m after the post bus stop «Schwenden i.D., Grimmialp» and leads over the Würzi. You hike on the mountain path through the shady forest along the Grimmi stream until you reach the open plain on the Grimmi Alp. Shortly after the alp, follow the signs to the «place of power» Grimmiwasser (Grimmiwater) with its red spring. Then walk across alpine pastures and Alp Nidegg back to the starting point.

If you don't want to descend, hike to the top station of the Grimmialpbergbahnen and take the chairlift back down to the valley (note operating times).

The circular hike is also possible in the opposite direction. The trail is marked with green route fields «Bergweg Kraftort Grimmiwasser».


Hiking shoes, hiking sticks, weather-appropriate clothing (sun/rain protection), food and sufficient drinks for the trip


Autobahn A6 Bern towards Zweisimmen, 1 km after the Simmenfluh tunnel turn left towards Diemtigtal. Follow Diemtigtalstrasse into the valley for 19 km towards Schwenden, Grimmialp.
Paid parking is available at the base station for the Grimmialp mountain railway or Senggiweid (start of the Grimmimutz adventure trail).
Take the train to Oey-Diemtigen. Afterwards take the PostBus to the «Schwenden i.D., Grimmialp» bus stop (terminus).

Additional information

A flyer with an overview map is available from the Diemtigtal Nature Park office (in German only).

Diemtigtal Nature Park
Bahnhofstrasse 20
3753 Oey
Phone +41 33 552 26 00
[email protected]

Open or closed?
Find out in our > summer sports report

Events in the Senggiweid / Grimmi area

23-25 August 2024: The Diemtigtaler Truck Treff will take place at the Senggiweid car park. Info about the event >

31 August & 1 September 2024: A trial sport event will take place in the Senggiweid to Grimmi area. The Trial Club Schwenden has been organising the Alpine Trial for over 40 years. Information about the event >

The Grimmialp area is affected by engine noise and traffic restrictions on these weekends. Appropriate parking instructions will be organised and signposted on site.

Catering options
Grimmi mountain restaurant: mountain hut with hearty cuisine. Try a «Grimmi-Plättli» (alp cheese and dried meat) or the «Grimmi-Meringue».
Open from mid-June to mid-October, Fam. J. & I. Erb, phone +41 79 412 71 89


If you wish, you can avoid the ascent and descent by shortening your hike time with the Grimmialp mountain railway (please make a note of operating times).


Getting there
The Grimmiwasser panoramic mountain hike
3757 Diemtigen