Escape helper and silent hub in the resistance against Hitler 2024


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"Escape helper and silent hub in the resistance against Hitler before and during the Second World War"
Betty Lambert's parents already ran a business in Brussels - like
grandparents and great-grandparents on the Rothschild side in
Paris - ran influential salons. The elite met there and
networks at the diplomatic, social and political level.
and political level. As a Jewess and Bernburger of inter-national origin, the Baroness in Gwatt used her contacts
especially before and during the Second World War.
She supported people on the run as well as secret service agents in the resistance against Hitler, participants in the
Resistance and the Resistance or diplomats helping them to escape.
escape aid. During the tour, you will also learn general information about
Betty Lambert, her work and the Bonstettengut.

Tour of the Bonstettengut (incl. Bonstettenpark,
but without the villa) with exclusive information from over
five years of research work

Meeting point: At the gate in the cour d'honneur of the Campagne Bellerive
(Thun Region Music School)
- Guided tours are also available in French or English
- Registration:

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Dates overview

Sunday, the 16.06.2024


Sunday, the 25.08.2024



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Price per person: CHF 50.- (with book CHF 80.-),
AHV CHF 40.- (with book CHF 70.-), schoolchild CHF 15.-
(advance payment or cash on the day of the tour)

Contact person

Franziska Streun
Waldheimstrasse 11
3604 Thun


Getting there
Musikschule Region Thun
Gwattstrasse 120
3645 Gwatt