9 - 11 August 2024

Switzerland’s largest annual town festival in Thun

Experience how the Alpine town on Lake Thun comes to life as everyone comes together for the Thunfest. With its wide range of exciting activities and lively concerts, this town festival is one of a kind.

The Thunfest at a glance

  • Date: 9 - 11 August 2024

  • Location: Thun

  • Food/Drink: Various food and drink stands at the venue

You want to perform at Thunfest? Send your application to [email protected].

Annual town festival

Bühne mit violetter Beleuchtung und Zuschauer auf dem Rathausplatz in Thun

The Thunfest is Switzerland’s largest annual town festival and offers live music, delicious food and refreshing drinks, and an exciting programme that has everyone buzzing. With open-air performances of Swiss rock and pop hits, and bars thronging the town’s narrow lanes, the 3-day town festival is sure to have something for you too. Each year at the beginning of August, tens of thousands flock to the Kyburg town true to the motto of “Mä gseht sech” – “I’ll see you there” – in order to celebrate summer and the Thunfest in the company of good friends and great music.

The town centre festival at the foot of the Alps

Aussicht aus einer Gondel auf dem Riesenrad am Thunfest mit Blick auf das Schloss Thun

The Thunfest is more that just a festival. As a music fan, you will be able to enjoy over 20 live bands and DJs while children can release their energy in the family zone. The Thunfest is a place to get together and have a good time. The town is divided into various themed zones, including zones in which the focus is on families, but there is also a party zone and a concert zone. This enables the festival to provide entertainment for young and old alike, and is easier for visitors to navigate. Entrance into the family zone as well as the catering zone and party zone is free of charge. You need a concert wristband for the concert zone only. The Thunfest is financed by the sale of badges which you as a visitor have the option of buying to support this special festival.

Five reasons why you should attend the Thunfest

  • Largest annual town festival in Switzerland

  • Various kinds of concerts

  • Activities for families

  • Bars and food stands in the historic lanes

  • Picturesque old town by Lake Thun

Personal tip

“The Thunfest is my personal highlight of the year. For three days the whole town is alive and you see people laughing and dancing on every street corner.”

Your accommodation in Thun – an unforgettable town festival

Explore the Alpine town with the deep blue lake and stay overnight in Thun.