Hiking tour Brienz – Gäldried – Planalp



5.29 km long
difficulty: medium
condition: easy
Hiking Trail
  • 02:25 h
  • 778 m
  • 567 m
  • 1,344 m
  • 777 m
  • 5.29 km
  • start: Brienz BE, Bahnhof
  • destination: Berghaus Planlap
A well-signposted, varied trail with a steady incline that takes you across fields and follows the Milibach river via Gäldried to Planalp.

From the station in Brienz, follow the Hauptstrasse towards Interlaken. Soon, you will reach the Restaurant Steinbock. Here the signpost points right, up along the river. Follow this path until you reach the Catholic church, where you turn down Feldstrasse. The path now runs through a built-up area, but soon comes out in fields and meadows, where it continues towards the Milibach. The path continues to climb in the direction of the river; after approximately 1 hour, you will be rewarded by the sight of the Milibach waterfall. A steep section takes you through woodland towards Gäldried station. The road then widens: here you can take a short cut along mountain trails if you wish (these trails are, however, steeper than the road). Upon reaching Planalp, the glorious panorama opens out over Lake Brienz and the surrounding mountains.

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Best season

depending on the weather


Brienz Bahnhof – Restaurant Steinbock – katholische Kirche Brienz – Feldstrasse – Wangweg – Milibach – Gäldried - Planalp


Leave the autobahn at the exit for Brienz, then go down the Hauptstrasse towards Brienz station. At Brienz station, follow the signs towards the Rothorn car park.
Paid parking is available at the Brienz Rothorn Railaway.

Additional information

Interlaken Tourism
Marktgasse 1
3800 Interlaken
Phone: +41 33 826 53 00
[email protected]

Brienz Tourism
Hauptstrasse 143
3855 Brienz
Phone: +41 33 952 80 80
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Once you arrive on Planalp, a visit to the Berghaus Planalp is a must: here hungry guests can enjoy delicious “Chäsbrätel” (grilled cheese on crusty bread), Soups and other regional delicacies.


Getting there
Hiking tour Brienz – Gäldried – Planalp
Brienz (BE)