Lauterbrunnen - Wengen



2.95 km long
Hiking Trail
  • 01:24 h
  • 487 m
  • 9 m
  • 790 m
  • 1,277 m
  • 487 m
  • 2.95 km
  • start: Lauterbrunnen, BOB end station
  • destination: Wengen, Bahnhof der Wengernalpbahn

The so-called "Hohstäg", the trail from Lauterbrunnen to Wengen, is part of the classic Bernese Oberland tour, which from the 18th century has attracted intellectuals and tourists in search of the grand nature experience to the alpine landscape. The area has lost none of its charm. In the footsteps of olden-day intellectuals: The hike from Lauterbrunnen begins along a wide trail to Zwirgi. From here it winds steeply up around many hairpin bends in a shady mountain forest to Wengen, set almost 500 metres higher on a sunny terrace. The reason for the steep ascent is the landscape fashioned by the hinteren Lauterbrunnental Glacier during the last Ice Age. The holiday resort of Wengen is a typical picture-postcard mountain village. It is still free of individual motorized traffic and thus the preserve of pedestrians. The wide terrace opens out towards the southwest, guaranteeing an above average amount of sunshine and magnificent views of the Swiss Alpine world.


Best season

depending on the weather


Lauterbrunnen - Zwirgi - Wengen


Normal hiking gear, hiking boots with good soles and walking sticks help with the ascent.


Via Bern oder Luzern nach Interlaken. Oder von Süden via Grimselpass (nur im Sommer) oder via Simplonpass und Lötschberg-Autoverlad nach Interlaken. Dann den Schildern nach Lauterbrunnen folgen.

Parkhaus Lauterbrunnen direkt am Bahnhof oder der ungedeckte Parkplatz bei der Kirche.

Via Bern oder Luzern nach Interlaken Ost. Umsteigen auf die Berner Oberland-Bahn nach Lauterbrunnen.

Additional information

Wanderung 48

(in der gedruckten Sommer Panoramakarte der Jungfraubahnen)

Safety guidelines

Partly steep but good hiking trail.


Getting there
Lauterbrunnen - Wengen
3822 Lauterbrunnen