Thunerseespiele – "Ich war noch niemals in New York"

10 July – 24 August 2019

Marvel every year at the lively musical productions set against a stunning mountain panorama

Enjoy the open-air musical in an unforgettable atmosphere with the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau setting the stage. Every summer the Thunerseespiele company presents a world-class open-air musical with the majestic mountains of the Bernese Oberland in the background and a unique stage built upon the waters of Lake Thun designed to fascinate and enchant. Featuring a selection of Udo Jürgens’ greatest hits, "Ich war noch niemals in New York" is a vibrant and moving musical to savour and enjoy.

The Thunerseespiele 2019 at a glance


    Date: 10 July – 24 August 2019


  • Location: Thun Lake Stage

  • Food/Drink: various options at the venue

Entrace fees Thunerseespiele

Category Price
Matinée from CHF 38.00
Evening performance from CHF 68.00

Spectacular lake stage with panoramic view

Musical Aida auf der Bühne der Thunerseespiele

Every year on the shore of Lake Thun, looking over to the world-famous Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains, over 80'000 visitors enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Thunerseespiele productions. Come and admire the world’s best musicals and equally outstanding own productions. Enter into a fairytale world of fantasy, dreams and emotions and enjoy an unforgettable summer evening on the shore of Lake Thun with the whole family.

Old classics and world-famous hits on Lake Thun

Katzen während der Aufführung Cats auf der Bühne der Thunerseespiele

The programme consists of world-class classics such as «Cats», «Evita», «West Side Story» and «Mamma Mia». In recent years, the company’s creative team has also staged prize-winning own productions such as «Dällebach Kari» and «Gotthelf». In summer 2019, the Thunerseespiele company presents the musical «Ich war noch niemals in New York» featuring the hits of Udo Jürgens. Experience the popular musical with catchy tunes such as «Aber bitte mit Sahne», «Mit 66 Jahren» and «Vielen Dank für die Blumen» in a stunning location at the foot of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Come and experience a magical and breathtaking atmosphere – this is Broadway on Lake Thun.

Ich war noch niemals in New York

Diva mit Matrosen posiert bei der Aufführung Sugar an den Thunerseespielen

The successful TV presenter Lisa Wartberg has little time in her busy everyday life to visit her mother, Maria, in the old people's home. As a result, Maria decides together with fellow resident Otto Staudach to put an end to her misery and fulfil a long-cherished dream: a transatlantic crossing to New York. Lisa and Axel (Otto's son) set off together in search of their adventurous parents, despite a mutual dislike for each other. At the latest when they all land on the cruise ship together, the comedy really takes off. Vibrant, intelligent and moving, this musical featuring the legendary songs of Udo Jürgens is a tonic for the soul.

Diverse culinary options at the venue

Bühne mit tanzenden Katzen an der Aufführung Cats der Thunerseespiele

Treat yourself to a delicious dinner or a light snack at the venue before visiting the musical. A range of culinary options is available. Please note that a reservation is required. For spontaneous visitors, there is a self-service restaurant in the musical garden with themed food. Besides their famous gastronomic delights, the Thun musical-makers also offer a backstage tour before the performance where you can find out more about the production and take a look behind the scenes.

Four reasons why you should attend the Thunerseespiele

  • Breathtaking mountain panorama and unforgettable atmosphere

  • Rousing stories and world-famous musicals

  • Spectacular stage on the Lake of Thun

  • Fascinating stage set design

Personal tip

“For years, I have taken a trip every year to the Lake of Thun for the Seespiele musicals. The open-air atmosphere by the lake with the view of the mountains together with the wonderful music is a marvellous experience every time!”

Your accommodation by the Lake of Thun – for an inspiring stay

Spend the night after the musical by the Lake of Thun and take yourself off the next day on a discovery tour.