William Tell Open-Air Theatre in Interlaken

22 June – 7 September 2024

Enjoy the open-air theatre and immerse yourself in history

What’s happening at the open-air theatre in the Rugenwald forest in Matten? More than 100 years after playing «Wilhelm Tell» written by Friedrich Schiller, the William Tell Open-Air Theatre Interlaken will be performing «Robin Hood» in 2024 – the first time that a different play will be staged. Get close to the bows and arrows of Robin Hood, legendary robber of noble birth, at the open-air stage in Interlaken. This unique production will be an exciting and eventful joy for the whole family.

The William Tell Open-Air Theatre Interlaken at a glance

  • Date: 22 June – 7 September 2024 

  • Where: William Tell Open-Air Theatre in Matten near Interlaken

  • Food/Drink: At the Tellplatz, there are various take away stations, while a professionally served restaurant and a self-service restaurant offer traditional dishes.

Information on the 2024 season

Habsburger Reiter auf seinem Pferd beim Dorfplatz

This season, William Tell’s crossbow will be swapped for Robin Hood’s bow and arrow: in a break with tradition, a different play will be performed for the first time in over 100 years. For more information on the 2024 season, click here.

New production for 2024: «Robin Hood», king of thieves!

Tambour mit Gesslers Soldaten auf dem Dorfplatz

In summer 2024, the wait is over as a new spectacle takes to the stage. After more than a century, a new marksman is stirring things up and taking on the villains of this world. Armed with a bow and arrow, he will stand up to his opponents and defend the rights of his people. You and your loved ones are invited to enjoy this stage show produced by Tiziana Sarro, with script by Klemens J. Brysch. It is performed by the ensemble of the William Tell Open-Air Theatre Interlaken.

Deine Highlights auf einen Blick

  • Authentic atmosphere thanks to the natural stage

  • Covered grandstand

  • Family-friendly all-round experience

  • Production with a local amateur cast

Your accommodation in Interlaken – travel back into a piece of Swiss history

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