Grimmialp snowshoe trail



5.62 km long
round trip
difficulty: medium
condition: easy
  • 03:00 h
  • 347 m
  • 347 m
  • 1,224 m
  • 1,569 m
  • 345 m
  • 5.62 km
  • start: Senggiweid (Grimmialp), Schwenden
  • destination: Senggiweid (Grimmialp), Schwenden
With a bit of luck, you will observe a colony of ibex through a telescope on this tour. There is reason to be happy: your ascent is rewarded with a great view of the Diemtigtal.

The marked snowshoe tour at the end of the valley of the Diemtigtal Nature Park leads you through the home of the "Waldmandli Grimmimutz" to the wildlife observation station. Here you will learn exciting facts about our wild animals and, with a bit of luck, discover the ibex colony with the telescope. It is almost obligatory to stop and enjoy the view down into the valley at Nidegg - do you know the surrounding peaks of the Diemtigtal?

If you want, you can tackle the ascent from Nidegg to the top station of the Grimmialp chairlift (1 km). Here, however, the trail is not marked and caution is advised when crossing pistes.


Best season

depending on the weather


The snowshoe tour takes you from the Senggiweid car park, climbing slightly, to the area of the "Waldmandli Grimmimutz". After the Sennhütte Nidegg, the route runs along the wildlife observation hike through the Nidegg forest to the wildlife observation station. The descent leads across snow-covered alpine pastures of the Nidegg down to the starting point. The view down into the valley provides a worthy conclusion to the tour.


Sturdy, high footwear, snowshoes and poles, clothing appropriate for the weather, food and drinks for the way

Snowshoe rental:
Egg 52
3757 Schwenden
T 077 432 98 10 / T079 651 05 40
[email protected]


Motorway A6 Bern direction Zweisimmen, 1 km after the Simmenfluhtunnel turn left direction Diemtigtal. Follow the Diemtigtal road into the valley for 19 km in the direction of Schwenden, Grimmialp.
Paid parking spaces are located directly at the starting point, machine for parking permit on site.
By train to Oey-Diemtigen. Then by post bus to the stop «Schwenden i.D., Grimmialp» (terminus). From here a short walk (approx. 5 min.) to Senggiweid.

Additional information

Flyers with an overview map are available from the Diemtigtal Nature Park office.

Diemtigtal Nature Park
Bahnhofstrasse 20
3753 Oey
T 033 552 26 00
[email protected]

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Respect your boundaries and thus the habitat of our animals and plants: The tour shows you the most beautiful places away from the wildlife sanctuaries.

Safety guidelines

The hiking time depends on the amount of snow and the nature of the route as well as your physical condition.
On site you will find moderately steep terrain with occasionally steeper passages in the ascent and descent. A certain level of surefootedness is required for the tour.


Getting there
Grimmialp snowshoe trail