The Kleiner Rugen circular path



3.35 km long
round trip
difficulty: easy
condition: very easy
Thematic Trail
  • 00:58 h
  • 84 m
  • 84 m
  • 572 m
  • 655 m
  • 83 m
  • 3.35 km
  • start: Bus stop Hotel Regina
  • destination: Bus stop Hotel Regina
This circular route teaches you about one of the most interesting chapters in the history of the Oberland.

Along the way you encounter eight information boards about the von Rappard family and the artworks of Clara von Rappard. You also come to a series of stunning viewpoints framing Lake Thun, Interlaken and the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. The circular route devoted to the von Rappard family is a collaborative project between the community of Matten, the «Clara von Rappard» society and the Interlaken art society. 


Best season

depending on the weather


From the Hotel Regina bus stop, follow the slope up Hubelweg to the circular path. Follow the gently undulating route of the Kleiner Rugen before heading back to the Hotel Regina bus stop. 


Freizeitschuhe/Wanderschuhe dem Wetter entsprechend


Turn off the motorway at the Interlaken West exit and head towards Interlaken for 5 minutes via Därligstrasse, Waldeggstrasse and Wychelstrasse; at the Hotel Sonne, turn off for the car park on Tellweg at the ice rink/Tell Spiele. The walk to the starting point takes 5-8 minutes.
Car park on Tellweg at the ice rink/Tell Spiele (charges apply).
Take the train to Interlaken West, change to bus no. 104 for Interlaken Ost and get out at the Hotel Regina stop. Alternatively, take bus 104 from Interlaken Ost towards Unterseen and get out at the Hotel Regina.

Additional information

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Zusatzschlaufe zur Grabstätte von Klara Rappard, 1 km, 30 m Auf-/Abstieg, ca. 20 Min.


Getting there
The Kleiner Rugen circular path
Matten bei Interlaken