Experience unspoilt nature by snowshoeing in the Holiday Region Interlaken

Trudge through a snow-laden mountain idyll on snowshoes

Snowshoes transform a routine winter walk into a memorable experience of nature. Equipped with "big shoes", make your way through an unspoilt landscape of deep snow and expansive snow fields. The sight of icy fir trees sparkling in the sunlight is simply captivating.

Snowshoe treks through a winter wonderland

Looking for an experience of nature to remember? With snowshoes, you will negotiate the idyllic winter landscape with ease. Signposted snowshoe trails guide you through the fairytale wintry surroundings, passing fir trees glistening with snow. And don’t worry: you don’t need any special skills or training to use snowshoes. Away from the crowded slopes, enjoy peace and freedom as you leave tracks in the soft snow. Take untouched pathways and walk through dense forests and over snow-covered meadows where silence and tranquillity reign. Listen to the crunch of your footsteps in the snow, watch the snowflakes whirl in the air and savour the magical stillness. The Holiday Region Interlaken has a wide range of outstanding snowshoe routes in several winter sports areas. Choose from many snowshoe trails: from the simple, signposted circular route to a demanding high-altitude tour, anything is possible.

Guided snowshoe treks

Drei Wanderer blicken beim Schneeschuhlaufen auf den blauen Thunersee

Guided snowshoe treks promise a great adventure. Wrap up in breathable winter clothing, pull on your snowshoes and start trekking. In the company of a knowledgeable local guide, embark on your unforgettable tour – and experience the wintry landscape from a fresh perspective. Along the way, your guide offers tips on technique and safety, and you learn much more about the natural winter wonders of the region. There is a wide range of guided snowshoe tours in the Holiday Region Interlaken to choose from: for example, you can discover the fairytale winter spectacle of the Niederhorn or track your guide through the snowy moorland of the Lombachalp.

Snowshoe trekking in the moonlight

A guided snowshoe tour by night is an extra-special experience. The mood beneath a star-filled sky is a thing of beauty. Under professional guidance and equipped with a headlamp, trudge your way through a magical winter landscape. You can also experience a moonlight snowshoe trek, perhaps in the light of the full moon: on selected dates, pull on your «big shoes» and immerse yourself in the nocturnal mood of the Niederhorn, Aeschi or Lombachalp. Beneath your feet, the moonlight shining on the snow creates a sea of lights; above your head the stars sparkle. Along the way, warm up with a good cup of tea or some mulled wine as you enjoy the tranquillity of nature. The tour concludes with a fine cheese fondue in a cosy mountain cabin. Encounter the peaceful nocturnal scene with a range of choices.

Rent snowshoes and all the gear you need

Schneeschuhe im Tiefschnee in Beatenberg

Ready to explore an unspoilt winter landscape on snowshoes? For your experience in the snow, you will need snowshoes, poles, winter clothing and sturdy winter boots or hiking shoes. Get the right equipment, and embark on your snowshoe tour. You can rent the equipment you need from various sports shops and rental points around the Holiday Region Interlaken. Take advantage of professional advice, reasonable prices and modern equipment.

Your highlights at a glance

  • Snowshoe tour of discovery in an untouched winter landscape

  • Superb views of lakes and mountains

  • Experience tranquil natural surroundings

  • Wide choice of stunning snowshoe routes

  • Day and night snowshoe tours with guides available, including full moon tours

To ensure that your trip is perfect in every way, please note

  • Check the various routes and guided snowshoe tours at the tourist office

  • Book a guided tour early

  • Bring or rent the equipment you need: snowshoes, poles, warm winter clothing and sturdy winter boots or hiking shoes

  • We recommend taking a rucksack with snowshoe fastenings, a Thermos of tea to keep warm and a change of dry clothes

  • A headlamp is essential for night snowshoe tours

Discover breathtaking snowshoe routes and guided snowshoe tours:

Guided full moon snowshoe tours in Aeschi

Aeschi bei Spiez

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Outdoor guided snowshoe tours

Matten bei Interlaken

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Erb Sport winter sports equipment hire

Schwenden im Diemtigtal

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Stucki Sport – winter sport equipment hire


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Hire point Lombachalp


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Sigriswil guided snowshoe treks


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Alpine School BERGFALKE


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Swiss Alpine Guides

Matten bei Interlaken

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Lombachalp (Habkern) snowshoe tour


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