"Chästeilet" in the Justistal

20 September 2024

Experience a piece of Swiss tradition above Lake Thun

Each year in September the farmers of the Justistal gather together on the day of the cattle drive when the cows descend from the summer mountain pastures. In the idyllic valley above Sigriswil, they divide up and distribute the mountain cheese according to a centuries-old custom. Experience this traditional event with music and catering in a genuine alpine atmosphere.

The "Chästeilet" in the Justistal at a glance

  • Date: 20 September 2024

  • Time: From 10.00 am, early arrival recommended

  • Location: Spycherberg in the Justistal

  • Food/Drink: Local festive catering available

  • The "Chästeilet" is free of charge to visitors

Arrival at the "Chästeilet" in the Justistal

On the day of the "Chästeilet" in the Justistal, there is going to be a general traffic ban from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm. You can reach the "Chästeilet" in the Justistal over the following ways:

  • The shuttle bus departs from 6.30 am on from the municipal administration Sigriswil to Grön

  • The walk from Sigriswil to Grön/Spycherberg lasts approx. 2 hours

  • The walk from Grön to the Chästeilet at the Spycherberg lasts approx. 20 minutes

  • The walk from Beatenberg to Grön/Spycherberg lasts approx. 1.5 hours

  • A ride by shuttle bus from Beatenberg is also possible

  • The last return trip by shuttle bus from Grön goes at 2.15 pm

The ride by shuttle bus costs CHF 12 for a one-way ticket and CHF 20 for a return ticket. It can only be paid cash.

Centuries-old tradition

Käse wird von Älplern auf Holzbrettern aufgetürmt umgeben von Zuschauern

The "Chästeilet" event in the Justistal is famous well beyond the borders of the canton and has been held on the Spycherberg for almost 300 years. Over the summer the alpine farmers make cheese from the milk of over 250 cows. The cows themselves belong to the farmers from the municipality of Sigriswil. At the end of the summer the cheese is divided up among the farmers according to a centuries-old ritual known as "Chästeilet". After the ceremony the alpine dairy farmers dressed in traditional costume lead the procession of equally impressively adorned cattle back down to the valley.

Celebrate the end of the alpine summer in the Justistal

Älpler Paar vor Kühen während des Alpabzugs durchs Justistal

Together with the farmers and other visitors, you can celebrate the end of the alpine summer with festivities both before and during the traditional ritual. The alpine dwellers are known to spontaneously strike up a yodel song with visitors and you will also have the chance to enjoy impromptu performances of the "Schwyzerörgeli", or Swiss accordion, played by local visitors.


Five reasons why you shuold attend the "Chästeilet" in the Justistal

  • Experience Swiss tradition at first hand

  • Witness this centuries-old custom

  • Authentic traditional atmosphere

  • Local festive catering

  • Spontaneous musical turns

Personal tip

“My particular highlight is, after the "Chästeilet", to walk behind the beautifully decorated cows from the valley to Sigriswil.”

Your accommodation on Lake Thun – for a traditional stay

Combine your visit to the "Chästeilet" with an overnight stay in the Holiday Region Interlaken to fully enjoy the old custom.