5 tips for mountain lovers

5 tips for adventurous panoramic excursions to the mountains in the Holiday Region Interlaken

For families, it’s the classic holiday situation: Mum and Dad want to relax in peace, leaving their everyday stresses and strains behind, and the kids can't get enough of adventures in the mountains. The tips below will help you balance everybody’s preferences for the perfect summer holiday.

Tip 1: The thrill of speed on the Niederhorn

Did you know adrenaline can make an experience more intense so it remains in the memory for longer? That's why we recommend an exhilarating descent down the Niederhorn on a scooter bike. The six-kilometre course promises racing hearts, laughing kids and unforgettable memories.

Tip 2: A one-of-a-kind trip to a pyramid

Mild in winter and hot, hot, hot in summer: Temperatures on the Red Sea often exceed 40 degrees Celsius. For some families, that’s perfect. And for others...not so much. Have no fear, though: It’s also possible to conquer a fascinating pyramid in the Bernese Oberland – without overheating on the way up. The Niesen by Lake Thun is the Holiday Region Interlaken’s pyramid: Already from a distance, you can see how it got its name.

Tip 3: A perfect day trip to the Wiriehorn

On the Wiriehorn in Diemtigtal, there’s something for all ages to explore and discover, whether it’s a gentle hike or racing down the mountain on two wheels. For the adrenalin junkies in the family especially, the Bikepark Wiriehorn offers an action-packed descent from the mountain.

Tip 4: Marvel at carved figurines

The famous Schnitzlerweg on the Axalp takes you and your family up the mountain and down again to the Hinterburgseeli nature reserve. The entire trail is lined with numerous figurines carved from tree trunks by sculptors from the Brienz region. A perfect day out for the family with plenty to discover together.

Tip 5: A visit to "nature’s cinema"

For a perfect day out with the family, a visit to the cinema is a must. But have you ever been to "nature’s cinema"? Up on Schynige Platte, you can enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree panorama. Your journey of discovery continues on the walk to the Botanical Alpine Garden. Prepare to be amazed.

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