Stockhorn – explore a hiking paradise with mountain lakes

Admire incredible views amid a unique natural idyll

Experience an unforgettable day on the Stockhorn and be inspired by fabulous views across the Swiss Alps. Feel the appeal of an unparalleled world of adventure around two tranquil mountain lakes. Explore diversified hiking trails, soak up the sun on the viewing terrace or get your adrenalin kicks with bungee jumping.

A world of adventure complete with dream views

A cable car transports you to the peak of the Stockhorn at 2190 m above sea level in just 20 minutes. The Stockhorn is well known for its incomparable views taking in more than 200 alpine peaks. A rock gallery at the summit station brings you directly to the lofty viewing platform in the Stockhorn’s north face. From here, the views down to the town of Thun and its lake, across the Aare and Gürbe valleys and the Central Plateau and beyond to Jura are simply stunning. Discover a wide world of adventures on the Stockhorn. Hike on a variety of well maintained trails, relax by two tranquil mountain lakes, get an adrenalin rush by bungee jumping from a cable car or simply enjoy the natural surroundings. For families, sportspeople and casual day-trippers, the leisure mountain has plenty of activities of offer. The Panorama Restaurant satisfies your culinary needs as you indulge and warm yourself on the sun terrace.

Sunsets and culinary delights

Panoramablick auf Berge vom Restaurant aus

The Stockhorn Panorama Restaurant is a modern eatery at the summit serving a wide range of dishes in atmospheric surroundings where you will want to linger. The restaurant also has easy wheelchair access. Soak up the rays on the spacious terrace while allowing your gaze to sweep across the majestic mountain chain of the Bernese Alps. Your excursion to the Stockhorn starts with a generous breakfast, and you can enjoy gastronomic delights at the Panorama Restaurant on certain evenings – with spectacular sunsets guaranteed. Book an entertaining themed evening with a suitable three-course menu.

Hiking in a natural paradise of spectacular views

Follow beautifully maintained and well signposted hiking trails to encounter the wondrous natural idyll of the Stockhorn region. Throughout your walk of discovery, you will experience a majestic mountain panorama and spectacular views. For any keen hiker, the network of trails on the Stockhorn leaves nothing to be desired, from easy walks to challenging mountain treks. The "Stockhorn habitats" adventure trail, for example, is an educational experience for the family, while a stroll around the mountain lakes of Hinterstocken and Oberstocken amid the towering peaks is balm for the heart and soul. Drink in the breathtaking views on popular trails to the summit of the Stockhorn, or follow the culinary trail to gastronomic pleasure.

Enjoyment and action on the Stockhorn

Aussicht auf die Oberstockenalp

The beautiful culinary trail on the Stockhorn invites you to keep fit in natural surroundings while enjoying regional products. On this culinary walk you enjoy a three-course menu of local specialities at three different mountain restaurants. Cave raclette, which takes place on selected dates from mid-June to October, is yet another unforgettable experience. After a short guided hike from Chrindi to Cheibehorn you will enjoy a fairly conventional raclette meal in a very unconventional setting – an imposing cave. Further information on the cave raclette can be found on the Stockhorn website.

Circular lake tour with "No Limits"

"No Limits" is an undemanding trail encircling Lake Hinterstocken. Since the path is also suitable for special all-terrain wheelchairs and pushchairs, people with limited mobility and families with young children can also experience the picture-perfect mountain landscape at first hand. Four electric all-terrain wheelchairs (known as "Mountain Drive No Limits Stockhorn") can be rented from Chrindi midway station. Reservations are recommended. Tip: the panoramic viewing platform and the Panorama Restaurant also provide easy access for those in wheelchairs.

Good fishing at idyllic mountain lakes

Fischer am spiegelglatten Hinterstockensee im Sommer

From the time the snow melts to mid-November, visitors can fish against a stunning natural backdrop in the tranquil mountain lakes of Hinterstocken and Oberstocken, where the waters teem with rainbow trout. Lake Hinterstocken is a mere five-minute walk from Chrindi midway station. If you prefer to reel in your catch in a quieter spot, however, the walk to the placid Lake Oberstocken takes 40 minutes. Obtain a fishing licence at the Stockhornbahn base station prior to your ascent. You will need to bring your own equipment.

Bungee jumping – headlong into adventure

The Stockhorn also delivers your fair share of thrills. For the ultimate adrenalin rush, dare you leap from a cable car? From a dizzying height, with Lake Hinterstocken glittering peacefully below you, your heart thudding and your pulse racing, you bravely jump headlong into adventure. This is a unique experience for the truly courageous!

Your highlights at a glance

  • Panoramic viewing platform with breathtaking views to the horizon

  • Superb cuisine on the sun terrace of the Panorama Restaurant

  • Special evening trips: themed evenings and alp-shine dinner

  • Two idyllic mountain lakes, beautiful hiking trails

  • Bungee jumping from a cable car

To ensure your trip is perfect in every way, please note

  • Operating hours are seasonal

  • Check times of the last descent

  • Wear suitable clothing for all outdoor activities

  • Hiking boots are recommended for all hikes

  • Themed evenings and other special excursions must be reserved in advance

Discover a wide world of adventures on the Stockhorn: