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Explore Spiez Bay by swan pedalo

Full steam ahead! Hire the iconic swan-shaped pedal boat in Spiez Bay and glide across the deep blue waters of Lake Thun. Admire the imposing alpine panorama and enjoy the refreshing breeze as you pedal.

Discover Lake Thun on a swan-themed pedalo. Nothing could be more enjoyable than floating across the glittering waters of Lake Thun under a bright blue sky, pedalling hard when you feel like it or cooling off by taking a refreshing dip in the lake’s cool water? Travel across the lake under your own steam with the gentle waves of Spiez Bay lapping against your pedalo.  The breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains will ensure that your trip on the water is an unforgettable experience. Exercise your legs while enjoying the warming rays of the sun. The white swan is three meters in length and bears the sonorous name “Swana”. The pedal boat is available for hire at the Lake Thun Sailing School in Spiez from Mai to September and can carry a maximum of three adults.

Your highlights at a glance

  • Glide over the deep blue waters of Lake Thun in the stylish swan-shaped pedalo
  • Enjoy the sun’s rays and a refreshing lake breeze
  • Marvel at the breathtaking alpine panorama
  • Enjoy a refreshing dip in the lake’s cool waters
  • Improve your fitness and strengthen your calf muscles

To ensure that your trip is perfect in every way, please note

  • Available to hire from the Lake Thun Sailing School in Spiez Bay from Mai to September (if the weather is fine)
  • Capacity: maximum of three adults/two adults and one child/one adult and three children
  • Hire period: 30 minutes to four hours (1/2 day)
  • Prices as indicated at the Info-Point



May – September if the weather is fine


  • for Children of all Ages

Payment Options

American Express, Cash, Diners Club, Debit Card, Contactless payment, Mastercard, Visa

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