ViaBerna - stage 11 Thun - Aeschi



19.65 km long
difficulty: medium
condition: medium
Hiking Trail
  • 05:30 h
  • 710 m
  • 410 m
  • 558 m
  • 862 m
  • 304 m
  • 19.65 km
  • start: Thun, railway station (559 m)
  • destination: Aeschi bei Spiez, post office
This varied hike takes you along the edge of Lake Thun on excellent waterside trails and leads over hills with outstanding views into the beautiful lake bay of Spiez and on to Aeschi.

From Thun railway station, the trail follows the shipping canal through Schadau Park to Dürrenast, where the lido draws in the crowds on nice days. This is the start of a beautifully landscaped riverside trail that leads along the reed belt and over still lake bays on wooden board walks. From Bonstetten Park, you can enjoy the view over Lake Thun to the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. In Gwatt you cross the main street and go up to Gwattegg. The view from Strättlighügel over the lake basin, the town of Thun, into Glütschbachtal and to Stockhorn is magnificent. Descending gently, the route goes past Strättligturm and, on the other side of Simmentalstrasse, you will find yourself in front of the dark chasm of the Kanderdurchstich (Kander Correction). A bridge takes you across the river where you will reach Einigen. Enjoy the views as you cross the ridge of Moosegg to Riedern and pass through Rustwald to Spiezmoos. In Spiezmoos you cross under the railway line and main street and climb up to the forested Spiezberg. From there, you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the Rebgärten to the castle and castle church of Spiez. The route goes through the castle park and down to Spiezbucht, where another excellent riverside trail takes you to Faulensee. Here, the route turns its back on the lake and climbs through Seeholzwald to Aeschi with its unforgettable views over Lake Thun.

With its waterside promenade, a nature reserve and leisure activities, Bonstetten Park on Lake Thun is a popular local recreation area. The park is part of the former manor of the lords of Strättligen.

Strättligburg can be seen for miles around. The medieval ruined castle above the Gwatt district of Thun dates back to the 13th century and was the ancestral castle of the barons of Strättligen. The castle was later used to store gunpowder. The renovated historical castle ruins can be hired for special occasions.

The Kanderdurchstich at Einigen was the first major river correction in Switzerland. In 1714, a tunnel was supposed to divert the Kander straight into Lake Thun. But the tunnel collapsed and the river carved out a deep gorge. The intervention still poses a risk for flooding at the lower end of Lake Thun.

With the blue of Lake Thun, the historic castle, the vineyards and the panoramic mountain view, Spiezbuch makes a pretty picture. This is what makes it one of Europe’s most beautiful lake bays and a tourist magnet.

Viticulture on Spiezberg and in Faulensee is a tradition that goes back centuries. Despite the alpine climate, the region produces up to 80,000 bottles of high-quality wine every year.


Best season

depending on the weather


Thun – Gwatt – Gwattegg – Einigen – Spiez – Faulensee – Aeschi


((Ausrüstung)) We recommend the following equipment:

Lightweight hiking boots, lightweight rucksack, sun protection, rain jacket, pocket first-aid kit, light picnic, sufficient fluids, mobile phone.

It is also possible to book baggage transport from stage accommodation to stage accommodation at short notice via Eurotrek. Info and conditions at


By private car to Thun.

Return from Aeschi by bus to Spiez and then by train to Thun.

Chargeable parking around Thun railway station and at Lachen sports stadium.
Getting there: by train to Thun railway station. The route begins at Bahnhofplatz and goes along the shipping canal in the direction of the lake.

Coming back: by bus from Aeschi bei Spiez to Spiez railway station.

Additional information

ViaBerna is a multi-day hike made up of 20 stages that takes you from Bellelay straight through the canton of Bern to Susten Pass. Hikers on the trail get to experience the diversity of the canton of Bern in Jura, Mittelland and in the Bernese Alps. The entire distance is signposted with route number 38.

You can find information about the ViaBerna multi-day hike at


Accommodation tip - Thun:  Hotel Freienhof, Freienhofgasse 3, 3600 Thun, Tel. + 41 (0) 33 227 50 50,,

Accommodation tip - Aeschi:  Hotel Aeschi Park, Dorfstrasse, 3703 Aeschi bei Spiez, Tel. + 41 (0) 33 655 91 91,,

Shopping: in Thun, Spiez, Faulensee and Aeschi.

Safety guidelines

This stage exclusively follows marked routes in the hiking trail category.


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ViaBerna - stage 11 Thun - Aeschi
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