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Themed paths and adventure trails in the Holiday Region Interlaken

Immerse yourself in culture, history and a fabulous fairytale world. In the Holiday Region Interlaken, hiking is a pleasure – and an educational one. Scores of adventure trails and themed paths amid the majestic landscape of lakes and mountains of the Bernese Oberland entice visitors to explore and learn. Uncover secrets of nature in the company of family and friends.

  • Around 60 themed paths and adventure trails amid lakes and mountains

  • Expand your hiking horizons

  • Enjoy uncovering the secrets of nature

  • Experience stations for all ages

  • Wide choice at any time of year

For explorers, families and the simply curious

People have always been fascinated by fairytales, stories and legends. In the Holiday Region Interlaken, you will find a wide choice of themed paths and adventure trails for explorers, families and the simply curious. Expand your own horizons by experiencing nature against a unique mountain backdrop. The kids can explore the countryside in a fun way on paper chases and treasure hunts while you and your companion savour the panoramic views. For every age group, there is a wide choice of adventure trails and family-friendly rambling routes that leave nothing to be desired.

An imaginative way to explore nature

One genuinely well-kept secret for nature lovers and families is the Lombachalp. The mystical moorland of the nature reserve will take you by surprise. At the Jägerstübli restaurant, you can rent a research set containing everything you need to study nature up close. Close to the imposing Alpine landscape is the sun terrace of Beatenberg. Here the Beatus trail imaginatively links absorbing natural experiences with legendary tales. A play castle, dragon’s den and even a ship will delight your children.

Treasure hunts by the lake

In the Holiday Region Interlaken, children become real treasure hunters high above Lake Thun in Aeschi or on the banks of Lake Brienz in Bönigen. Grab a treasure map from the respective tourist office, then follow clues that will lead you through flowery fields and around forests on your way to the treasure. Open the chest with a numerical code that is revealed as you proceed from stage to stage – then claim a well-earned reward. The treasure trails are suitable for children of all ages and take 1 to 3 hours to complete.

Art and culture around Lake Thun

The left bank of Lake Thun has several surprising themed paths. For those who like to combine nature with art and culture, the choice in Krattigen and Aeschi will amaze you. One particular highlight is the sculpture trail, a walk that confronts you with artworks that will make you smile and make you think. Music and culture await in Thun. On a melodious tour, explore the old town of Thun in a new and sensory way.

Feel the peace of nature on the Jakobsweg

Also in the Bernese Oberland, the well-known Jakobsweg trail leads from the Brünig Pass to Amsoldingen, revealing true gems of nature against an unparalleled mountain backdrop along its 65 km length. The route comprises various stages. The section from Interlaken to Merligen is particularly attractive. The pilgrim’s path takes you from Interlaken and along the Aare, passing through the nature reserve of Weissenau and on to Neuhaus via wooden walkways. The path then winds westwards along Lake Thun, passing the energy centre of the St. Beatus caves before terminating at the palm-filled village of Merligen.

Enjoyable adventure trail through the Spiez vineyard

Another experience for the senses awaits at the Spiez vineyard. A short walk through the staggeringly beautiful heritage site is a true pleasure. Leave your cares behind and enchant your senses as you discover the diversity of the vines. Awaken your senses at six experience stations and learn more about the wine-growing year and nature from 12 information boards. Along the way, why not stop and enjoy a picnic on one of the inviting benches. The views of Spiez Castle, the bay of Spiez, Lake Thun and the surrounding peaks are simply unforgettable.

Uncover the secrets of Diemtigtal Nature Park

At the Diemtigtal Nature Park, you can explore nature on a range of themed paths. On the Swiss wrestling trail Springenboden, you can learn more about the popular national sport, or find out all there is to know about traditional construction methods on the Diemtigtal House Trail. Adventure trails where kids can play and have fun are great for families. The "Grimmimutz" adventure trail leads you and your family to entertaining activity posts. Meanwhile the "Gwunderwasser" is a playground based on the theme of water.

Powerful, sparkling, essential: water in the Bernese Oberland

Water plays an important role across the Holiday Region Interlaken – a point impressively underlined on the Brunnenweg in the pretty village of Matten, near Interlaken. This path recounts the story of the fountains, offers food for thought and underlines the importance of water. To experience the natural power of water at first hand, follow the three waterfalls trail, a varied hike that leads from Bönigen to Brienz via Iseltwald.

Planetary Paths at the speed of light

Two themed paths are devoted to the solar system and the relative sizes of the various planets. The SIRIUS path starts at the observatory of Schwanden (above Sigriswil) and follows well-developed hiking trails. The other Planetary Path is located in Ringgenberg-Goldswil. Both provide astonishing facts about the universe while delivering superb views of the surrounding lakes and mountains.

See life on the Schwander Lebensweg

This inviting circular path leads you 4 km through the welcoming village of Schwanden, near Brienz. Enjoy spectacular views of Lake Brienz and the surrounding mountains on a hiking trail that features wooden sculptures on the theme of «life». The project, realised in 2004 in partnership with the Brienz School of Woodcarving, established an easily accessible route that people of all ages can enjoy.

Walking in a magical Christmas scene

Experience the magic of the Christmas story at many sites in the holiday region of Interlaken. The Christmas trails will surely get you in the festive mood, so take a moment to savour an atmospheric winter stroll. All of the fairytale paths are illuminated, and especially enchanting after dark. Be guided by the candlelight, the stars and the Christmas mood.

Discover fairytale themed paths and enjoyable adventure trails:

Foxtrail Ballenberg

Hofstetten bei Brienz

© CC-BY-SA | Foxtrail / Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg, Interlaken Tourismus

Aeschi treasure hunt trails

Aeschi bei Spiez

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Foxtrail Thun


© CC-BY-SA | Foxtrail Thun, Interlaken Tourismus

Stockhorn Culinary Trail


© CC-BY-SA | Stockhornbahn AG, Interlaken Tourismus

Lombachalp research set


Water playground "Gwunderwasser"

Schwenden im Diemtigtal

© CC-BY-SA | Naturpark Diemtigtal, Interlaken Tourismus
18,20 km

Three Waterfalls Trail


© Melanie Studer, Interlaken Tourismus
3,08 km

Weihnachtsweg Heiligenschwendi


© Christian Mathyer, Interlaken Tourismus
3,55 km

Schwander Life Path

Schwanden bei Brienz

© Melanie Studer, Interlaken Tourismus